Worrall Travel R's

Worrall Travel R's
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

New York Day 4, Rainy Morning, Waitress the Musical - Matinee on Broadway, Saturday, April 20, WTRD 35 of 36

 New York Day 4, Rainy Morning, Waitress the Musical - Matinee on Broadway, Saturday,  April 20, WTRD 35 of 36

Today is our last full day in New York City. It started to rain last night and is supposed to rain until early afternoon.  We take advantage of staying out of the rain and indoors this morning to relax and for me to catch up on blog posting.  Late tomorrow morning, we will be catching a train at Penn station, three blocks from our studio.  We are headed to Essex Junction, just outside of Burlington Vermont, where we will be staying with our son and family until late May.

Russ and I eat last night's pizza leftovers for lunch and head for TIme Square at 1:00 pm.  We are going to see a Matinee at 2:00 pm just a block off Broadway and TIme Square.  The rain has ceased, the sky has cleared,  and the streets are crazy crowded with pre-Easter-Sunday tourists.  We can't even imagine what it must be like here on New Year's eve as we walk single file through the shuffling crowds as we approach Time Square and 47th Street.  

We arrive at the theater just as they open the doors to the theater.  Russ and I bought our tickets online Thursday morning.  We are five rows from the front and almost center to see Waitress the musical starring Shoshana Bean and Jeremy Jordan.  We had a great time watching the play and the unfolding of the story.  

After the play we worked our way through the crowds back to our studio.  We plan to  eat at the Chocolate and Wine Bar across the street later this evening.....they have some other food too, but wine and chocolate sound like a perfect meal for our last night in New York.

This concludes our blogs for the Africa, Madagascar, New York City Travels.  We left New York City by train on Easter Sunday the following day to visit family in Vermont.  Met some ladies on their way to the Easter Bonnet Parade before we boarded the train.  Goodbye New York!

All is well with the Worrall Travel R's the last night in New York and Worrall Travel R  Day WTRD 35 of 36. 

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