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We are the Worrall Travel R's Roz and Russ Worrall. Our goal before we "kick the bucket" is to see as much of the world as we are able, learn about world cultures, experience making friends around the world, and share goodwill and what we learn with others. WE HOPE YOU JOIN US VIA THE BLOG ON OUR TRAVELS.

We started our world travels in 1969 in VW camper van in the USA, Canada, and Europe, but didn't actively blog about our travels until 2009 aboard our sailing vessel SV Worrall Wind, a 44 ft Nauticat Ketch.  On September 5, 2009 we left San Francisco and took a left at the Golden Gate to Explore the World.

From to Sea to Land
After almost 4 years of cruising Mexico and the South Pacific, we sold our beloved boat in Australia, 2013. The Worrall Travel R's are continuing our travels around by many other means of conveyance -boats,trains, planes, sometimes camels, elephants, rickshaws, and hot air balloons.. 

Russ is a retired engineer, optometrist, professor from U.C. Berkeley. Roz is a retired computer programmer/analyst, educator, (teacher, administrator, professional developer). 

Our Mantra:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
~ Mark Twain

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Yeosu - Jinju - Busan, WTRD 9, September 12, 2017

Today's Itinerary:

Day 4, 9/12 (Tue): Yeosu - Jinju - Busan (B,L,D) After breakfast, take a ferry to Odongdo Island where you can walk along the breakwater and see 70 species of wildflowers. Next, visit Jinjuseong Fortress, historically linked to the Japanese invasion in 1592. Go to Busan and head to Dongbaekseom Island near Haeundae Beach. Visit Centum City Shopping Mall, Korea's most sought-after shopping destination. After dinner, check in at the hotel and spend the rest of the day at your leisure. Accommodation: Novotel Ambassador Busan or Similar (5-Star) 

It was a treat this morning to leave at 9:00 am.  After a great night sleep and natural wake up at 6:30 am, we walked out on our balcony to a lovely sunny morning, overlooking Hidden Bay in beautiful Yeosu. 

View from our hotel room balcony

Yeosu is on the southern end of Korea.  We start our trip back north to Seoul today.  

After lunch our group will merge with a larger group that left Seoul this morning (4 hours express drive).  Mark will be the tour guide for 18 of us on the return 3 day trip up the east coast  back to Seoul on a larger bus. It's been very nice with such a small group.  We have become spoiled with lots of room to spread out, but it will be fun to meet up with other English speakers as well.

Ondongo Island
Our itinerary today has already changed a bit.  Instead of a ferry ride to Ondongdo Island, we take a cable car.  We had a wonderful bird's eye perspective as we smoothly passed by the tops of the bridges and over the shipyards and bay. We spend an hour and a half to and fro the island with time in between to wonder around, take photos, and have some coffee.

Lunch and Merger:

Our lunch today included a vegetable beef soup that was cooked at our table, and it was quite tasty.  

When the five of our group was half way through our meal, the 13 new people took their seats and now we are one big family.  We have yet to learn all the names, but we have met Sun from Utah, Sue and Brad from Pennsylvania, Dave from Australia, Maddison a almost seven year old from Australia, and her parents, Donna and Michael, Cindy from Florida,   Our new bus is big and more spacious than the smaller bus.  Yeah.

Jinjuseong Fortress:
During the heat of the day with little enthusiasm to leave the air conditioned bus,  we tour the Jinguseon Fortress which was built in the 1500's and became a primary stronghold in 1592 in the defense of a Japanese attack.   It overlooks the river.  We see another beautiful temple 

and war memorial inside the walls,

and we hear a story of a Korean woman who entertains a Japanese General.  They dance on a rock by the river.  She wears a ring on each finger so that when her hands are clenched together her hold is strong and fierce.  She wraps her arms around the general as they dance, and in defense of her country, she throws her self in to the river where both she and the general drown.

Dongbaekseom Island near Haeundae Beach, Centrum City Shopping Mall:

Our trip up to Busan takes two plus hours.  Mark welcomes the new travelers and repeats much of what we have heard already.  So some of us nod off.  Eventually we reach the shopping area and are given an hour of time to explore.  

Massive ceilings, a view from the first floor looking up.

Russ looking at VW Bus Stroller

From the top looking down.

This is a wine cooler.  Very unique.

We end our day with a brisk walk out to an island to  see the sunset.  

All is Well with the Worrall Travel R's in Busan

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